Grooming Services

Dog and Cat Bathing

Included with our gentle and humane bath are: two shampoos, conditioner (if needed), ear cleaning, nail trim, anal gland expression, fluff dry, brush out, and coat spray.

We use only hypoallergenic shampoo on our clients, as it is soap and irritant free. In addition, we offer oatmeal shampoo, whitening shampoo and deodorizing shampoo and conditioner. If you have a special shampoo recommended by your veterinarian, we’ll be happy to accommodate you – simply bring it with you.

Flea baths are also available at Fur Crazy. Our flea shampoos are not only gentle, but pesticide free. This aids in the relief of irritated skin due to flea bites.

Dog Grooming

Full Dog Grooming

Our full groom always includes a gentle bath and a complete haircut from nose to tail. Although our unbending belief in “Humanity before Vanity” is always foremost in our minds, our talented groomers have both the expertise and experience to make your pet look as beautiful as can be, each and every time.

Partial or Sanitary Groom

A partial or sanitary groom is for medium to longer hair pets – this service includes a gentle bath as above, along with touch-up grooming in health-critical areas such as face, feet, private areas and any other areas that need attention.

Quickie Dog Groom

Same as our “Clean Up,” without the bath.

Additional Pet Grooming Services

Pet Tooth Brushing

Just like humans, pets develop tartar, abscesses and many other tooth problems. Dental health is just as important for your pet as it is for you.

Regular pet tooth brushing and inspection of your pet’s teeth is vital to his or her well-being. The neglect of your pet’s teeth can lead to periodontal disease and can be extremely harmful if left unchecked! Regular and thorough brushing will also negate the necessity for a professional cleaning at the veterinarian. This seemingly harmless procedure that we all experience on a regular basis, is much more dangerous to your pet. After all, this process is often performed while your pet is under anesthesia and we’re all aware of the risks associated with that!

The Fur Crazy staff will carefully examine your pet’s teeth and inform you of any discoloration or redness of the gums. This may need to be addressed by your veterinarian.

We know how difficult, and sometimes impossible, it can be to brush your dog’s teeth. Therefore, we offer this professional service to you. However, in between visits to our salon, we recommend and encourage you to do this on your own – See “A Home Dental Program For Your Pet” on our Facts & Tips page.

Nail Filing

For some pets, nail “dremeling”, or filing is great for getting the nails very smooth, resulting in less damage to you and your pet caused by jumping or scratching.

Nail Painting

Strictly for vanity!